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Digital Marketing plays a big part in the branding of your business and covers a wide range of channels such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation. The world of marketing is very complicated robust that many small businesses ignore it but doing so, in today’s world could cost your business in the long run. We’ve written this to try to break down these digital marketing strategies to try a hone in on what really matters for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Strategies


Content Marketing

Marketing is very important to any business as it helps get noticed but you always need something that makes people want to research your business and your website. Content Marketing or Blogging (as it’s always called) really helps drive people to your website which in turn generates new customers and higher rankings on Google. Having content on your website that is updated regularly is important for Google and search engines love this, writing a blog is a great way to do this.

Blogging doesn’t even require much of your time, writing a blog once or twice a month will be a sufficient way of keeping your website updated. Always keep your reader in mind, think about what people might be searching for, you also want to write content that is engaging to read.

A Responsive Website

A website acts as your 24/7 salesman and is promoting your business to any potential customers. Your website needs to leave a good impression with its audience, this means it has to be pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate. A website that fits across multiple devices is important as it guarantees that your customers will be able to access your site easily, anywhere, using any device. It is also important for Search Engine results to have a website that is Mobile Friendly

Social Media Marketing

Having a website on Social Media is one of the most important marketing tools out there. Social Media, is where all your potential customers will be searching for content, or seeing your post ‘off chance’ and recommending your services to others. Try to limit your social media accounts to one or two, this makes it far easier to market your business by using each one correctly rather than having 4/5 and rushing your content across them all. Most people who are on Facebook will also be on Twitter, so try keep it simple and make it less draining for yourself.

Don’t forget to think about your target audience when promoting yourself on Social Media. Consider adding your blog to Social Media to attract people to your website, it will also tell them exactly what you do and show up in search results. Try and also relate your business to certain social media accounts, we find using Twitter and Instagram are the most rewarding for us, as our work will be shared with like minded creatives. For example you may have a Painting a decorating company, we would recommend Facebook, as the people on their will be searching and chatting for businesses like yours.

Email Marketing

Not always the best way to promote yourself especially with the new GDPR laws, and is only appropriate for some business as it can be time consuming and costly. Email Marketing now also includes people to subscribe to your websites in order for you to send them content. We would advise anybody with a product business and online shop to use email marketing, as it promotes any product you may have for sale that particular month or ‘big sale’ your company is promoting, it’s very similar to Social Media Marketing but is far more personal and robust.

The benefit of email marketing is that the customers you are promoting to, you can choose to promote to, whereas Social Media promotes to everyone and this is not always beneficial and there is no risk of people leaving bad comments etc.

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