Benefits of a CDN

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Benefits of a CDN

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What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Deliver Network, they basically migrate content of a website from one server to another. Everyone from large to small businesses use a CDN to make sure the user has the best experience whilst using their website.

We need all need a CDN now because of the amount of content websites hold, the internet wasn’t built to handle the demands of what the internet has become. CDN’S are not only important for individual websites, they are important for the internet as a whole. To ensure that it runs smoothly and deliver the best experience.

Below are a few of the benefits of CDN’S

  • Security
  • Performace
  • Optimisation

High Capacity Hosting

Your website may be hosted by the very best hosting provider but it still won’t have the capacity that the big CDN companies posses or will run at the same latency.  This means the content your hosting provider provides could potentially slow down your website and affect your Search Engine results.

Localised Data Centres

If your main hosting provider is in Canada and someone from the UK is visiting your site they must make a few jumps across the continents to access the content on your website, most CDN’S have multiple Data Centres in different countries, making it easier for users on your site to download the data from your server.

CDN Data Centres
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Analytics Reports

Many CDN’S have a log in to your account function from here you are able to check on the performance of your website and the search engine results. They also file usage reports to to keep an eye on your website.


Many times a website can be badly optimised by too much JS or CSS. A CDN takes care of this, by compressing all your files which helps both web performance and user experience.


A CDN will help boost your websites performance by saving bandwidth, and compressing content of your website.




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