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Branding to help your start up business

Creative Start-Up Businesses

Branding your business can be one of the hardest parts of setting up your own business and can be a great challenge. We’ve put together some helpful tips for ways in which you can market your new company. Having a clear vision of what you want your brand/company to be is a great start to make your business a success.

Have a think about the very best brands out there, and why you think their brand image works and how would you describe them. Apple are a great example of Branding, their marketing is possibly bigger than their technology now, most technological companies compare to Apple products or in some cases are arguably better but it is their brand image and marketing that really sets them apart, this just shows how powerful marketing your business the right way can be.

Your brand design should be what your company is built around. It is true to say that small companies or start-ups simply don’t have the funds to afford a brand image for their company, so what’s the best way to get your business off the ground?

Below are some examples of what to think about when starting your own company and how to go about branding it to the world.


Branding Tips

A Great Company Name 

A name can be the basis of what your company does and location, e.g Web Design Leeds or can be something out of the blue, it could literally be anything. When thinking of a name it is important to think about your brands personality .You can have something fun or something serious, this all depends on what your business is and what you think it’s audience might be. Maybe if you’re selling cards online, think of something fun and cheesy or maybe you run a corporate company looking for more leads? you might need a name more suited to your business and what you do. Once you’ve got a few names worked out try and look at how they might appeal to your target market. Ask others what they think, maybe do I little research to find out what other companies in the same sector are called and compare. Above all else make sure it has a positive meaning and is distinctive.


A Great Website

Most companies have a website, whether you have created it yourself or had it created for you. Make sure it is well optimised for a great customer experience, this can achieved by making sure it runs fast, is simple to navigate and has an identity to separate it from your rivals. Simply designing a website on GoDaddy isn’t quite good enough, your website says everything about your business and it fundamental for newly founded businesses. A big mistake is to have a website that is online just for the sake of having a website.. Make sure all the content on your site  engages with your customers, the very best websites mix a great design with optimisation and functionality

Social Media

A recent study confirmed that 70% of people found a company not on social media would be classed as ‘out of touch’. Having a presence on Social Media is crucial for any new business. Social Media helps to get your brand out there and engage with any potential customers. People are a looking on Social Media everyday, in fact 39million users in the UK alone use social media everyday. Not being on Social Media is suicide for your business and will more than likely never be successful. Social Media today is a very powerful tool and we recommend using any Social Media platform for any business.

A Good Logo

A logo today needs to be bigger and better than ever. Your logo needs to impact on people hard. Lets look at the most important things when creating a logo.

  • Colour – The Colour of your logo is extremely important, in fact brand awareness can be increased by as much as 80% just on colour alone., we also view colours before we see words, for example if somebody is looking for a gardening company, they will be looking for the colour green, if your gardening companies logo is blue, your are more than likely to have lost a sale, it’s as simple as that.
  • Typeface/Font – Think about what font you want for your logo, this depends on what sort of business you own, if you’re selling antiques think about something traditional, if you run a Gym, think about something modern and bold.
  • Shapes – Shape can relate to anything really, although a modern shape is usually a rectangle or a circle, older companies usually have a diamond or triangle shape. This one is entirely your choice but again have your businesses image in mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you would like to discuss in more detail or if there is anything we can do to help, please Contact Us

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