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Do you need a website redesign?

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Making sure you have one of the best websites that runs smoothly and works consistently, takes time and effort

With any website it is good to constantly be reviewing and updating your website especially with the way Search Engines work.

Here I will give you some tell take signs of what to look out for and if your website needs that refresh.

What to look out for

  • Site Loading is the time it takes for your website to load and Google penalises sites that take too long to load. Always make sure you try to maintain the speed of your website
  • A high bounce rate can also affect your website, the bounce rate is the number of people visiting your website and leaving this reflects in the consumer visiting your website had a bad experience
  • Technical issues across your website also mean the user is having a bad experience browsing your website

Over half of people viewing the web are looking on a mobile phone, is your website mobile friendly?

Tiger Creative offer a great webs design service, that will look after your website and make sure it runs smoothly. We also offer a Responsive Web Design Service, find out more or view our web design packages for you to choose from?



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