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Starting E-commerce Online Shop

Looking to start an online E-commerce Website?

More and more people today are looking to start up their own business and become their own boss. Having access to the internet is making this easier and an ecommerce (online shop) is really the way to go to start earning and selling online. However it can sometimes be very difficult to start an ecommerce website and get the right product to increase your revenue. Creating a plan of action is important, think about what you are wanting to sell, who to? and how people are going to access your website, you need a business plan.

Follow this guide which will try and help you start your online ecommerce business and make it a success.

Things To Think About

Great Website

Having a great website is the best way to start, after you have a name and a strategy of what you are looking to sell, make sure your online shop is easy for your customers to navigate, this will increase the likelihood that they will return to your site or pass on great feedback. Also make sure your website looks great and is secure, having a site that looks unwelcoming or hard to navigate will make your potential customers search elsewhere.

Excellent Images and Design 

This is very important to your new website, having high quality images followed by a great design will indulge people into your site, give them images that they want to know more about! also think about a design to promote your website, this is most important for the main website banner, see below an example of something that really works.

Website for Clothing Website


How do I start my online business?

It’s always best to think about how you will start  your business online, we would recommend making a business plan firstly. Look into what your ecommerce will be built using, maybe using shopify, magento or woo-commerce and look into payment gateways, some are cheaper than others, so research carefully.

Products to sell

If you are just toying with the idea of starting an online selling business, you maybe don’t even know what you are going to be selling on your store. This is something you really need to think about, think about profits, where you can purchase your items for, cheaper than you can sell them for etc, worth remembering that the best online business concentrate on profit margin. Think about buying a product you can buy cost effectively in bulk and selling for cheap, this will undercut your competitors, especially in a world where people can search for cheap products online. Give people a reason to buy from you!


Marketing for Online Website


Once you know what you are going to sell and have a website up and running it is important to think about marketing your online store, this might depend on your budget and the size of your organisation but is a very important factor in bringing people to your website. Advertising online across social media and email marketing (with consent) and even through printed media will help attract traffic to your web

site, people want to know what you are selling, so tell them!

We would recommend putting a large percentage of your profits into your ad campaigns as it is the main engine of your business, how do people know you are their? and why should they care? GRAB THEIR ATTENTION!



Maintaining your successful website

You now have your online store all set up, you are advertising your products well and your sales are doing well, how do you keep this going? The answer is Customer Service, bad customer service is a big ‘no no’ ignoring people emails or failing to deal with their complaints will not only stop your customers returning it will also stop new customers buying from you, nobody wants to buy from somewhere with bad reviews and feedback.

  • 40% of customers buying online would not be satisfied if their enquiry wasn’t dealt with quickly. 
  • Live chat support is a great way to tackle quick replies and deal with complaints.

Offer online deals and sales to keep people buying from you, this can also be used to promote your sales through advertisement campaigns.



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