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GDPR is changing the way we do marketing.

If your business uses email marketing to make calls and send direct emails, by May 2018 there will be consequences that will affect you and how your business runs online marketing.

Should you worry?

If your business sends direct emails or makes sales calls, the law is changing what you can and can’t do., meaning that some of the ways you advertise your business today might no longer be allowed.

From the 25th May 2018, General Date Protection Regulations come into force and it’s quite a big deal.

Whats Changing?

You will need to ask permission to send someone email marketing by making them subscribe or opt in, in order to send them email.

So I just Need to ask people to Opt-in?

No. You will now need to record when they gave you permission and you need to log when exactly what were shown when they opted in.

By making sure you receive and email notification email when someone subscribes to you email list, might be enough, as long as you remember to back up.

email subsription

Stop Sending me email junk!

People have the right to tell you to stop sending them marketing material through email as essentially this can be seen as junk mail.

If your business runs on email marketing and has taken all the necessary steps to comply with the new regulations, even then you must always allow the person you are emailing to unsubscribe from future marketing emails, you can do this by adding a link in the email or asking the reader it clearer the reader only need to reply using the words “unsubscribe” you can also add an opt out landing page on your website .

There are a lot more rules and regulations coming in 2018 covering email marketing and sales calling, if you require more information on this please comment in the comment box or get in touch with us today.



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