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How many pages does my website need?

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Deciding the number of pages can be a hard decision to make

Everybody wants to keep their website brief especially if it’s a newly founded business. This is fine! but sometimes it’s worth thinking about what your site really needs and been unique from other websites.

More web pages means better search engine rankings, be unique to gain higher results

You may have just started up or have a small business and feel you only need a small website with not many pages, again, this is totally fine but the more content your website has the better it will do in Search Engines therefore your website will be driving new customers to your website everyday.

Here are some great page ideas for your website

Online Blog

An online blog of update news and info about your website, increases the keywords within your website, plus you can share the different blogs you post on Social Media, which drives consumers straight to your website as well as gaining higher search results

News Page

A news page about your business including the following:

  • Staff News
  • Articles about new products
  • Special Offers and Discounts
  • Stories about your latest projects
  • Photographs of your latest work
Helpful Tips and Guides

Offer the readers of your website helpful tips and guides, this could be helpful ways to use your products or related service that you’re offering.

Testimonials and Reviews

People like to know that other users have used your service or product and had a good experience, this is a great feature as it allows people to stay on your page for longer.

Picture Gallery

I would say it’s essential that any website has a gallery no matter how big or small, here you can really show of your business and again it makes users stay on your website much longer.



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