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Social Media for Small Businesses

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Social Media has become the key ingredient to a successful business

Don’t worry if your business isn’t on Social Media. it’s not as hard as you might think to get started!

Over the past few years Social Media has really taken off, you will find most companies from big to small are using Social Media to promote their business. Big companies such as Puma, VW or popular music artists are all using it, which is why it is very important for small businesses to use it too. Having a Facebook account or Twitter account allows you to promote your business in the same way as the big companies do, this means you are targeting the same audience now as the big companies out there.

We’ve put together a few key ideas for you to think about f you are looking to get your business into Social Media Marketing:

Start with as little Social Media Accounts as possible

Try and work out the best Social Media Platform for your business, if you’re just looking for local customers, maybe Facebook is a good way forward or maybe you’re looking to reach out to a bigger audience, think about Instagram or Twitter. Our advice would be to start with one channel first, so it doesn’t consume you.

Don’t Expect Miracles Straight Away

Don’t expect your first post to start bringing work in, it’s about getting your name out, keep posting and you will notice people will start to engage more and more with your business. It won’t happen overnight. It takes time to build up followers and get people to start talking to each other about your business.

Check the Results

Whatever your may be posting, always make a note or track how that particular post is doing, what audience is it engaging with. What area, local, nationally or a certain country etc. Record your content on Social Media.

Create a Blog

Writing blogs at least 4 times a month will really get people to engage with your posts, writing a blog has also proven that search engines will rank your site better as more and more people look on your website.

Get a Website

We can’t stress enough how important a website is in today’s world, Once on Social Media, don’t think this is enough, people will always want to look at your company’s website. Not having a website is similar to advertising a car but not having a showroom. It not only looks unprofessional, it looks lazy and will tell any new customers exactly that.

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