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The time has come to be responsive

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Responsive Web Design Guide

The demands for a responsive website that fits across phone and tablet has never been greater, it’s time we all go responsive.

In 2018, Google’s mobile first index is coming, this means that your website needs to be responsive and we are going to find out why?

Mobile first index means that rankings for your website on search engines will be based on mobile experience

Most searches today are from a mobile device whether this be phone or tablet, or even smartwatch. Its been statistically proven by Ofcom that 66% of people use their phone to access the internet. So by 2018 Google will be the judge as to where your website will rank. If your site isn’t ready, it’s probably time to think about it, go here to find out more about our Responsive Website Service or check out our website packages

If you have a website that it desktop only, it is probably worth getting a responsive website, ready for the future

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