How to speed up my website?

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How to speed up my website?

How to speed up my website?

Importance of your Website Speed

We look at the fundamentals of speeding up your website and what risks it can have not only on your website but on your search engine rankings.

An increase in website loading time from 2 to 10 seconds increased page abandonment rate by 38%.

During peak traffic periods, more than 75% of consumers left for a competitor’s website instead of suffering a delay.

You have a website set up, maybe you did it yourself and you are now wondering why it isn’t ranking on Google (and other search engines) more often than not, the speed of your website can have massive affects on your search engine rankings and is now a massive factor in how Google will rank your site. Search engines are always looking for the best user experience throughout the web, sites that load faster keep users on your site happy thus showing search engines how popular your website is. Speed can also affect the time it takes for search engine robots to read your page, which again is very bad practice.

Another big factor of your site been fast is that users will look to spend more time on your site, if your website is wasting somebodies time whilst surfing the web then they are likely to go elsewhere, this affects your bounce rate. We advice that if you have a website, it is important to have it running at top speed.

How can you speed up your website?

Infact there are many ways you can speed up your website. Below is a list of a few good ways you can help improve your speed:

  • Change your hosting provider to a high quality one
  • Optimise your images, the larger the image file the longer it takes to load up your site
  • Use a CDN (content management network) this allows your website to be based on a server local to the user viewing your website, this means that your site is delivered quicker to that user, to read more about CDN’s please visit this link
  • Enable caching is one of the best and most effective ways of boosting the speed of your website, this gives your user a greater experience by storing a version of your website on their browser until your website is updated.

There are many many ways you can increase your page speed, but above are the most effective and most popular ways, we have run a google pagespeed score on our website and we score 99/100. We would recommend checking your website at: not only does this give you a score it also tells you what is slowing down your site and explains what can be done about it. Please note If you are not tech savvy and somebody else built your website, it is best that you ask them to have a look at your websites speed.


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